Now Available /// #8 /// "its about does not abound in only's subject" >>> April 2015

>>> This latest issue of /// [out of nothing] /// will be the journal's last. The editors wish to express their sincere thanks to everyone associated with /// [out of nothing] /// for their contributions to its various experiments.

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#7 /// "time ⊕ (nothing ⇒ but)" >>> Šǝvat 2014

#6 /// "in the mirror, a sleep, a spectral nothing" >>> [Araḫ Addaru, 2013]

#5 /// "out of a system declaring nothing out of relevance" >>> [Aestas, 2011]

#4 /// [in excess of all that is proper, shapely] >>> [Earth Smoky, 2010]

#3 /// [...that there were some ah-ness to things] >>> [Sore Eye Moon, 2010]

#2 /// a new frame of [nothing] >>> [When The Ponies Shed, 2009]

#1 /// [out of nothing] our souls burst forth like shelling peanuts >>> [Limbs-Of-The-Trees-Broken-By-Snow, 2009]

Outward From Nothingness /// an [out of nothing] cognate (in the form of a blog)

[out of nothing] was an electronic publication featuring new works in image, sound, text and the digital arts, as well as works located at the intersections between these media.

[out of nothing] was published in online installments Audemars Piguet Royal 2 replica, on an irregular but roughly semiannual seasonal basis that nevertheless remained chronically TBD. Each issue was theme-based Fake Franck Muller , and was introduced by a special M.C.; or, emcee. Occasional print anthologies were also envisioned, and, in one instance, executed.

[out of nothing] was edited by Janice Lee, Eric Lindley & Joe Milazzo.